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My desire is to encourage you to discover the God of love, and encourage you to go deeper into life with God, for the sake of the world

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John 17

Jesus lived and breathed a life of connection to God the Father in prayer, and John 17 is entirely dedicated to recording what is often called Jesus’ High-Priestly prayer. Scholar D.A. Carson is right to note that it “is at once petition [asking God], proclamation, even revelation” (Carson, 552). Not only is Jesus talking toContinue reading “John 17”

John 16

There can be a great deal of strength and comfort that comes from being informed when you are entering a new situation.  Having a Lonely Planet or Fromer’s travel guide can be incredibly valuable when travelling in a new country, as someone has gone ahead of you as a traveller and passed on significant information aboutContinue reading “John 16”

John 15

Our identity, to a large degree, is defined by who we are in relationship with. Just think about your last name. You have a last name that “identifies you” with your family – with your heritage. My last name identifies me as a son, a grandson, and a brother. In John 15, Jesus tells usContinue reading “John 15”

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