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My desire is to encourage you to discover the God of love, and encourage you to go deeper into life with God, for the sake of the world

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James 5

Today we are finishing the book of James, which begins with a strict warning to “the rich” (not unlike how the book started – see 1:9-11), and then offers a call for us to be patient in suffering and it offers us instructions on prayer and confession. As we’ve already seen, James picks up overContinue reading “James 5”

James 4

Who will we be friends with? Choosing our friends is an incredibly important decision. Friends influence us; influence our thoughts, our speech, our interests and our priorities. The passage we are reading today has to do with friendship. Who will we choose as our friend?  Look at vv. 1-3. What words would you use toContinue reading “James 4”

James 3

Words are powerful. If you’ve been on the other end of hurtful words – which I’m sure you have – you’ll know how destructive they can be. And if you’ve been on the receiving end of words of hope and encouragement, you’ll know the life-giving power they hold. James has a major concern for theContinue reading “James 3”

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