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My desire is to encourage you to discover the God of love, and encourage you to go deeper into life with God, for the sake of the world

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Romans 5

Finding “happiness” is often the greatest goal for many people – one of the highest values in our culture. But what if God’s goal for us is even bigger than simply to make us happy at the moment?  What if God’s goal is not primarily to make us happy but to make us holy?  WhatContinue reading “Romans 5”

Romans 4

Have you ever played a game, but the people playing were a little fuzzy on the rules? They all had a slightly different way of playing? That can be really frustrating! I think that the early Christian church had some confusion as well; a little bit like a game where the rules aren’t totally understoodContinue reading “Romans 4”

Romans 3

You’ve probably heard a friend or co-worker or teammate say something like: “It may be wrong for you but it’s not for me.” Is there such a thing as “real” right and wrong anyways?  One of the common features of the secular-humanist worldview – the predominant way that people in Canada (and the post-Christian, WesternContinue reading “Romans 3”

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