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My desire is to encourage you to discover the God of love, and encourage you to go deeper into life with God, for the sake of the world

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Revelation 22

I’m sure you’ve all seen books arranged on a shelf that have these heavy “bookends” that hold the rest of the books in place. For all the variety of the books on the shelf, the book ends are usually a ‘matching’ set – you can tell they belong together and give ‘structure’ to the libraryContinue reading “Revelation 22”

Revelation 21

I think it’s fair to say, as Dallas Willard has argued, that everyone has some concept of the future – some vision of what is to come, and many hope there is something to come. As the comedian Woody Allen said: “I don’t believe in the after life, but I am bringing a change ofContinue reading “Revelation 21”

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