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My desire is to encourage you to discover the God of love, and encourage you to go deeper into life with God, for the sake of the world

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Revelation 15

As ever, this book opens up for us a visual feast – a set of images, or, as John says here in 15:1 another “great and marvelous sign”. And in 15:1-4 we are presented, as we were in 14:1-5, with a picture – yes with many symbolic elements – of God’s redeemed people. And IContinue reading “Revelation 15”

Revelation 14

In his commentary, Darrell Johnson suggests that this chapter where people generally give up even trying to read this book of Revelation, particularly with the gory details at the end of the text; of the winepress of God’s wrath, with blood flowing from it for 300 km. What is that about? Maybe not what youContinue reading “Revelation 14”

Revelation 13

The final section of our chapter today has caused many Christians today significant confusion as this is where we read about the “mark of the beast” in v.16, and how that relates to the numbers signal of 666 given in v.18. Reading this chapter in its whole context is essential for seeing the meaning ofContinue reading “Revelation 13”

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